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Mountain Moot - What we got up to!

We were delighted to attend the 2020 Mountain Moot as a sponsor last week. The Mountain Moot, usually located in Helena, Montana took place online this year.

Image shows 16 company logos underneath the heading "2020 Sponsors - Making this free conference happen. Thank you!", logo's include brickfield education labs, zoom, unkind, wooclap, intelliboard and others

During the event, Gavin Henrick, co-founder of Brickfield, hosted Thursday morning’s breakout session: ‘Accessibility Basics’. Gavin used this opportunity to talk to those interested in understanding accessibility, and outlined the steps to enhancing accessibility for Moodle courses. 

The full playlist of sessions from MountainMoot can be found on their Youtube. Gavin’s session, Accessibility Basics is also available! There are also some other great presentations you can check out such as ‘5 Ways to Make Online Teaching Tougher’ with Michelle Moore from My Learning Consultants. 

We would like to say thank you to Ryan Hazen and Dan Case, who organised this year’s Mountain Moot! 

Looking forward to seeing you all again next year! 

Karen, Gavin and the Team.

Tweets from the event

Tweet from @barefootbreeze "Accessibility is a topic that has come up a few times so far at the mtmoot, Gavin will be discussing the basics today at 8am MDT"