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Moodle Universal Design for Learning Guide​

Mapping Moodle activities to your teaching strategies

Brickfield Moodle Universal Design for Learning GuideOverview

The Moodle Universal Design for Learning Guide provides teachers, course developers and facilitators guidance on how to design an inclusive and accessible course using Moodle features.

The guide covers the formative assessment, summative assessment, communication, collaboration, acquisition and student feedback aspects of teaching and learning with Moodle.

Inspired by the 2012 edition of the Moodle 2 Toolguide for Teachers, this guide highlights the key ways to use feature to tackle the different teaching purposes.

This is built with Adobe inDesign and Adobe Acrobat DC Pro -to help accessibility and to ensure the reading order is correct and that the decorative images are set to artifacts and decorative only.


  • Gavin Henrick, Brickfield Eduation Labs
  • Mark Glynn, Teaching Enhancement Unit, DCU


This work, ‘Moodle Universal Design for Learning Guide’ by Gavin Henrick – Brickfield Education Labs is licensed under a CC BY-NC-SA 4.0.

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