Brickfield Accessibility Toolkit

The Brickfield Accessibility Toolkit is a set of Moodle plugins and integrations that will provide accessibility improvements to a Moodle site.

Finding the insights

Looking throughout the Moodle site, courses, labels and quiz questions to check that everything is meeting the requirements for accessibility can be time consuming task.

The Brickfield Accessibility Toolkit looks into all these areas and automates the testing against the standards. This data will give your institutional admins a site-wide understanding into whats okay and what is not okay and where to focus your energy on remediation and training. In addition, category level, programme level and course level insights are available to those with suitable access.

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Fixing the issues

Once you know where the issues are, the next step is to start to fix them. Manually going into each course, forum, Book, lesson or quiz item to find the issue and them fix one by one, can be a lengthy process.

The Brickfield Accessibility Toolkit helps teachers tackle the content rememdiation with automated workflows to minimise the effort required by staff to get their course content into better shape and to a higher level of accessibility.

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Futureproofing your Moodle

Finding the issues and fixing them gets your content to a new baseline, however the focus has to be on ensuring the site stays this way and that the chance of new issues occuring are reduced.

With the Brickfield Accessibility Toolkit, we help futureproof your Moodle site content by improving the content creation process to reduce the chances of error.

We have created a new editor that supports the teacher in their content creation process educating them if they inadvertantly try to make a mistake.

We provide performance support materials including printable workaids to support teachers understanding of the key issues to consider when adding different types of content.

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