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Accessibility for your LMS (Global Moodlemoot Reflection)

This post is based on the blog post ‘Tips to make your LMS content accessible’, published by Moodle on January 12th, 2021.

"We believe that accessibility is crucial; only a learning management system that supports learners with diverse needs can provide true quality education for all."

Speaking at the 2020 Global Moodlemoot, Brickfield Education Labs founders Karen Holland and Gavin Henrick hosted an accessibility workshop. During this workshop, Karen, Gavin, and Laia Canet shared practical tips and tricks that you can implement to ensure your content is accessible for all and follows the Universal Design for Learning approach.

The workshop shared easy tips addressing six areas: Text, Links, Images, Multimedia, Tables, and Equations.

Some Tips

  • Text: Use headings to structure your content, especially if it’s long. 
  • Links: Links should not open in a new window without warning the user. 
  • Images: Alt text should be used so that all users have access to the information the image contains. 
  • Multimedia: Use an accessible media player
  • Tables: Use column and row headers when creating a table
  • Equations: It is best practice to use accessibility equation displays, for example, Atto editor based on Mathjax.
Read the full blog post on Moodle’s website here.

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