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Global Moodlemoot23

Our Brickfield team on the stand at GlobalMoot 2023, with Karen Holland, Gavin Henrick, Mike Churchward, Garnet Berry and Laia Canet

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Moodle Product Vision

marie-achour- global head of product

marie-achour- global head of product

AI: everywhere all at once

AI Panel at the Global Moot 2023

There were a good many sessions which had AI at their core, or AI as a theme, however one of the key sessions was the panel on AI. It featured discussion s between Heikki Wilenius (University of Helsinki), Elizabeth Dalton (IntelliBoard), Rajnish Kumar (Verificient), Tim Hunt (The Open University UK)  and Meghan Mencer (Harnessing Your Potential).

Sharing a journey

Slide of DCU challenges when using Moodle to needing toolkit. presented by Gavin

Brickfield Education Labs had a number of presentations including sharing the journey by one of our clients in their rollout of the Enterprise Accessibility Toolkit. 

The project supported DCU’s journey in creating an accessible, inclusive online experience for their staff and students. 

Slide from presentation showing immersive reader.

Here we have an example image of text being displayed within Microsoft immersive reader, with the parts of the words being split into syllables, and colour coded into different parts of grammar, such as nouns, verbs, adjectives and adverbs, to assist a reader with their reading. 

Our consultant Laia Canet presented about Creating Accessible Quizzes​. We will feature the presentation materials in a later post, however some of the key points were that when designing a quiz you need to know its purpose – that is, what you want to achieve:

Depending on the decisions and the configuration applied;​

  • We can Promote student autonomy by letting students decide how many times to attempt the quiz.​
  • We can Provide accurate feedback explaining why is it correct/incorrect, next steps to do or further information.​
  • We Can engage participants in “real” activities or settings, so it could be easier to apply in real life.


Worldwide Community

As it typical with Moodlemoots, the community had its photo taken although it is very hard to get 800 plus moodlers into one photo, they tried very hard!!

It really is amazing to meet educators from all sectors and from dozens of countries all willing to share their experience and learn from others!

Mexico calling.

Martin announces Mexico for 2024 global Moot - 11 to 14 November

THe founder of Moodle, Martin Dougiamas announced that next year the Global Moodlemoot will not be in Spain, but will move to Mexico and take place between 11th to 14th November 2024.

We look forward to taking part and supporting the Global Moodlemoot in 2024! 

You can now view all Presentation recordings from Moot Global 2023 on YouTube.

Moodle Accessibility Toolkit

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