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Moodle Accessibility Toolkit

Accessible, usable course materials make for a more effective and inclusive teaching and learning environment.

Brickfield provides an integrated accessibility tool for your Moodle LMS to provide a more effective and inclusive learning delivery by helping institutions manage accessibility and usability of their course materials.

Find, Fix and Futureproof

  • The Moodle Accessibility Toolkit automates the analysis of course content inside Moodle against a set of accessibility tests. The reports provide insights at course level, category level and site-wide displaying the number of errors found and what types of errors it found.
  • Bulk Fix Wizards help teachers automate content remediation, fixing the common content issues such as missing alternative text for images, descriptive web links, and other accessibility errors.
  • Brickfield has improved editor features that ensures future content is more accessible. The Text Editor prompt teachers and students to provide accessible content when adding links and images such as using descriptive text for a link instead of the url or “Click here”.

Alternate File Formats

Students can elect to download course File Resources and Books in their preferred format from a range of alternate file formats including Text formats, Audio mp3, ePub and Kindle, and Electronic Braille Files.

Instructor Supports

Throughout the Moodle Accessibility Toolkit, Brickfield provides teacher guides, supports, help and instructions to assist staff in building their understanding of accessibility and what they should do to improve their content.

Admin and academic staff get access to a suite of self-paced online courses, to further develop their accessibility skills in web, multimedia, and document accessibility.

Moodle Certified Integration

Moodle Certified Integration

The Brickfield Accessibility Toolkit for Moodle is a Certified Moodle Integration, used by some of the most well known  organisations in the world.