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Board Activity - Moodle Plugin

What is Moodle Board?

The Board module for Moodle is a plugin that enables a post-it/sticky note board activity for students. This is a collaborative activity where the teachers sets out a number of columns with optional names and then students add contributions to a column. Students do not see who has posted what.



Students can do the following:

  • Add a new post with some of the following:
    • A heading.
    • Some text.
    • Add a link (and a link name).
    • Upload an image (and set Alt text).
    • Embed a Youtube video (and set a name).
  • Edit or delete one of their posts.
  • Move their notes among columns.
  • Star someone else’s post if the rating is on for everyone, or students.


The teacher can set up the activity with the following options:

  • A closing date for submissions.
  • How the posts are ordered in a column, by date or star count.
  • Whether posts can be starred – by students, teachers, or neither.

On the board, a teacher can:

  • Move any of the posts from one column to another.
  • Download a copy of the board contents.
  • Download a spreadsheet of all submissions, even deleted ones, of the students.

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Initial funding for this plugin was provided by the National Institute for Digital Learning at Dublin City University under the SATLE fund from the National Forum. Subsequent funding has been received from Athlone Institute of Technology under the SATLE fund from the National Forum, and also from UCL.

Examples of use

One of the key things about Board is that it has two main approaches for now- whole class and group mode. Later there will also be a Board per user mode.

Group mode

When separated groups are set up, the board becomes a private collaboration space for groups for their assignments, or for breakout groups in virtual classrooms. One of the benefits of using it in the virtual classroom is the content remains after the virtual breakout room is gone.



Version support

This plugin has been developed to work on Moodle releases 3.9, 3.10, and 3.11.