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Moodle and Accessibility?
Where to start?

On January 24th we met up with our Canadian Partner Kais Abid of Markanyx to host a webinar “Moodle and Accessibility – where to start?”.

Gavin Henrick, Karen Holland and Laia Canet from Brickfield Education Labs team discussed the importance of Accessibility for Moodle content, what organisations and individuals need to focus on and shared tips on how to improve the accessibility of Moodle course content.

Removing barriers is crucial to enhancing accessibility of online courses because it ensures that everyone, regardless of their physical, cognitive, or sensory abilities, can fully participate in all aspects of the course.

Addressing sensory barriers, such as providing visual or auditory aids, allows those with hearing or vision impairments to engage effectively. Removing cognitive barriers through clear, simple language and intuitive design supports all individuals in understanding the content and navigating the learning environment.

This inclusive approach not only respects the rights of individuals with disabilities but also enriches the learning experience for all by valuing diversity and fostering an environment where everyone can take part their unique perspectives and talents.

The Moodle Accessibility Toolkit by Brickfield was shown on how it automated analysis of Moodle courses against a set of common accessibility rules and checked the content inside all of Moodle’s core activities. We demonstrated the Accessibility Toolkit reports showing a list of all detected accessibility errors, broken down by the type of content or the type of activity and how different barriers could be removed using the Content Bulk Fixing Wizards.

Want to learn more?

If you are interested in learning more about the Accessibility Toolkit, Book a Demo now for your team or organisation.

Moodle Accessibility Toolkit

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