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MoodleMoot Canada 2024

The Canadian Moodlemoot for 2024, was held at York University in Toronto on May 1st and May 2nd.

Moodlemoots are all about the Moodle Community, and sharing ideas, good practice and learning from others. The Moodlemoot kicked off with the Community photograph of the attendees at the Moodlemoot Canada 2024.

Community Photo of the attendees at the Moodlemoot Canada 2024.

Brickfield at the MootCA24

Brickfield Education Labs were delighted to support the Moodlemoot at Keel Campus, York University in Toronto.  We had a stand where we shared our Accessibility Tip Cubes, and introduced attendees to our Accessibility Toolkit for Moodle.

One the first day, we presented in the morning on Barriers for online learning. The feedback from participants in the session was great, and it was interesting to have the real-time feedback during the presentation through the Present Live feedback feature. Using the Present Live option in Office 365, enabled the participants to have translated realtime transcript which helped support those from the French speaking part of Canada. Over 60% of attendees joined the Present Live session for transcripts, translation and slide review.

We shared a larger focus on the accessibility of Media, and where the situational barriers that may appear and what the user may need:

  • Using Media in a Cafe where it is too noisy to listen with constant distractions
  • Using Media in a library where listening to it may disturb others – even when using headphones
  • Printing a video – and the challenges this brings.

We focused on the benefits of both captions, and the transcript which enables searching, scanning through the content, and also printing whah supports easy annotation.

Until 2025

It was great being back in Canada, and was awesome to have the Moodlemoot running again after a few years gap.

We look forward to supporting the event next year.

Moodle Accessibility Toolkit

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