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MoodleMoot Finland, 2024

Moodlemoot Finland 2024

We were thrilled to support the MoodleMoot Finland 2024. This Moodlemoot was held at the amazing University of Helsinki, in its wonderful historical and recently renovated “Main building” on May 27th and 28th.

Over 200 people from Finland, Sweden, Denmark and other nearby countries, and also Ireland and the UK, met for two days to discuss Moodle, and share ideas on best practice!

Moodlemoot Finland opening session, with ice Rector @kai_nordlund opened the event to a packed lecture theatre.

Some of the presentations...

There were a number of unmissable presentations, however with four and five streams it was not possible to go to all! Most of the presentations were in English and some in Finnish.

Marie Achour from Moodle HQ, gave a keynote on the Moodle Product Vision that will guide the development and evolution of Moodle. There was strong emphasis on community engagement and user experience which are great to hear!

Tim Hunt, a senior software developer at the Open University who has contributed so much to the Moodle community, posed questions in the later keynote about the Moodle quiz: How do computer-marked quizzes best help students learn? How does Moodle help you make the best quizzes?   

His thoroughly engaging talk emphasised the importance of supporting and helping students to “get the knowledge and skills into their own brain” by using quizzes in a dynamic yet often self-paced way for scaffolding and feedback, which is also supportive of educators’ endeavours too!

There were many presentations on Artificial Intelligence (AI) however, the one practical session that stuck out was the workshop “Harnessing GenAI for enhancing Moodle’s assessment capabilities:” by Järvinen J-P & Wilenius H (University of Helsinki).  It was a great hands on session where you got to see some good developments of making AI work for teachers in building quiz questions.

Taking part

Karen Holland (Brickfield) and Lena Selanne (University of Helsinki) standing in front of the Brickfield Accessibility Tips Banner
Our team presented on three different topics related to accessibility in online education at the Finland Moodlemoot. On Monday at 12:40, we discussed “Tearing down accessibility barriers in online education” this included a session taking about Curb Cuts and where removing barriers for one reason can open up usage for all.
a cut in the kerb to enable those unable to step up the kern to access the pavement.
A kerb in Helsinki with a Kerb Cutout for accessibility.

Later that day at 15:20, we showcased fixing course content using the Moodle Accessibility Toolkit. This session included using the blocks and guides to understand why something was reported as an accessibility barrier and how the wizards could be used to bulk remediate the errors. 

Sfcreenshot of a user tour for the Brickfield Accessibility Toolkit for Moodle, which introduces one of the reports to users of the system.
Brickfield Accessibility Toolkit User Tour introducing the Activity Report.

On Tuesday at 10:30, we discussed embracing accessibility and building awareness in institutions. A new session for us, we highlighted a recipe book of approaches to build awareness and empathy for accessibility from within Moodle and by improving your own practice to highlight good techniques.

Creating awareness b y gifting the Accessibility Tip Cube to staff.

Next time!

Many thanks to the University of Helsinki Services for Digital Education and Continuous Learning, Teaching and Learning Services and the Centre for Information Technology for an excellent MoodleMoot, and for being such amazing hosts!

We look forward to attending the next Finland Moodlemoot!

A brightly multi-coloured fluid design, with people and computers networked - visually representing the networking at a Moodlemoot.

Moodle Accessibility Toolkit

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