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Moodle Competencies at the Moodle Munch!

We were delighted to take part in the final session of the Moodle Munch series last Tuesday, March 9, 2021, presenting ‘Moodle Competencies’. MoodleMunch is a lunchtime webinar series, led by Dublin City University and supported by the National Forum for the Enhancement of Teaching and Learning. In the series, members of the Irish and UK Moodle community present good practice and innovative ideas for online learning. 

‘Moodle Competencies - A hidden gem in Moodle’.

This session was presented by Gavin Henrick which focused on elements of Moodle competencies. Some of the topics discussed included key competencies for sales representatives, programming competency-based education, as well as PSI Core Competencies. 

To begin, Gavin outlined thoughts from the Canadian Professional Sales Association including their framework diagram and CPSA’s professional sales conduct. Following this, he spoke about the Instructional Framework for Business and Information Technology, specifically focusing on programming. Then Gavin outlined framework domains, the rating system and compass activity for both assessment and visual report. Finally, Gavin explored competencies and Moodle, shedding light on learning plan creation, competencies in course and the competencies framework. 

Check out the slides from Gavin’s talk on Moodle Competencies at Moodle Munch below.

So, that completed series 2 of #MoodleMunch. We would like at add a huge thank you to Rob and all the gang at DCU’s National Institute for Digital Learning for hosting the Moodle Munch series. Looking forward to Autumn 2021 for series 3! 

Some tweets :

Here are some tweets attached below from Rob Lowney, organiser of the #MoodleMunch series and another commenting on Gavin’s presentation! Had a look at Gavin’s slides? Let us know your thoughts on Moodle competencies. 

Tweet from Rob Lowney saying "Buzzing from a wonderfully engaging #Moodlemunch Buffett today, part of the Forum NFSeminar series. We had fantastic contributions on the DigCompEdu framework and moodle competencies from @ghenrick
Tweet from @JonathonJF "And on to Gavin Henrick, taking a look at a #moodle "hidden gem" - competencies. A bit of a gap in my moodle knowledge about this topic, so looking forward to hearing about it #moodlemunch