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Another UK & Ireland Moodlemoot over and out!

Wow, another MootIEUK over and out! We were delighted to attend the 2021 UK & Ireland Moodlemoot as a platinum sponsor. It took place online last week, from the 10th – 12th May. All of the sessions were recorded and will be made available on the Moodlemoot site during this week.

Brickfield Sponsor Graphic with Moodle moot logo, dates and Brickfield Education Labs logo

The MootIEUK Team

We enjoyed organising this years UK & Ireland Moodlemoot where attendees worldwide participated and presented. Our conference team of Gavin, Renée and Holly coordinated the sessions on the main stream on Zoom and managed the engagement over social media and Telegram over the 3 days. Meanwhile, Mike (our CTO) helped organise the Dev Jam which ran on the first two days.

Our Sessions at the UK & Ireland Moodlemoot

Over the three days, the team participated in a number of presentations, workshops and developer sessions.

Day 1 - Monday 10th May

On Monday, Gavin chaired in the 50 minute workshop on ‘Badges and Micro-credentials’. Joining Gavin on the panel was Mark Glynn (DCU), Sam Taylor (Catalyst IT), and Ryan Hazen (My Learning Consultants).

Screenshot of Zoom Webinar showing Mark Glynn, Ryan Hazen, Gavin Henrick and Sam Taylor with camera's and mics on

Day 2 - Tuesday 11th May

Day 2 kicked off with a panel discussion on ‘The Future of Online Learning’.  After lunch, Gavin presented ‘Accessibility – how is the journey going towards full compliance?’. In this 5 minute lightning session, Gavin spoke about the accessibility journey that organisations take. Tuesday’s live sessions were brought to a close with a panel on Accessibility. Gavin was joined on the panel by Suzanne Stone (DCU), Laia J. Conet, Trevor Boland (AHEAD), Jessica Bryant (My Learning Consultants) and Miranda Melcher (KCL).

Screenshot of Zoom Webinar with Gavin Henrick on Screen and Opening slide with text reading "Let's take a journey"

Day 3 - Wednesday 12th May

On the final day we presented ‘Accessibility Tips for Teachers’. This was a 15 minute presentation in which we shared tips and tricks for teachers to improve the accessibility of their content. We also did a short demo of the Brickfield Accessibility Toolkit.

The final session including insights from a number attendees on their UK & Ireland MoodleMoot personal highlight, what surprised them, and what they learned! 

Screenshot of closing panel on zoom webinar with seven people with cameras including Gavin Henrick and over 120 attendees watching

What was the highlight at the UK & Ireland Moodlemoot?

Moodle 3.11 is here and includes the Brickfield Accessibility Starter Toolkit. This was big news and we are thrilled!

Martin Dougiamas, CEO and Founder of Moodle outlined the collaboration between Brickfield and Moodle in his keynote on the first day! Sander Bangma, Moodle LMS Product Manager went through the functionality of the starter toolkit in his session. Above all, this was a highlight for us to see Moodle push to ensure their course content is accessible and inclusive for everyone.

However, we were hugely encouraged about the continuing emphasis and enthusiasm towards accessibility, inclusion and universal design for learning. This was demonstrated by panel members, presenters and attendees throughout the three days.

Screenshot of Martin Dougiamas on Zoom Webinar sharing screen with slide showing Brickfield Education Labs logo and Moodle 3.11 update

Some Tweets...

Tweet from @samwisefox with text reading "Great new features in 3.11 developed by @brickfieldlabs including this where you can use an accessibility heat map to analyse your course #MootIEUK21" with screenshot image of heatmap
Screenshot of tweet reasding "#MootIEUK21 #mootieuk opening session is overview of Moodle 3.11 so many improvements and new features💫 #accessibility toolkit @brickfieldlabs activity completion indicators, quiz improvements, badges, H5p and loads more!"


As platinum sponsors of the UK & Ireland Moodlemoot, we also published a blog post in the run up to the moot, you can check out our Moodlemoot promo sponsor blog post here.

We were delighted to be a sponsor for this wonderful three day event full of online sessions, networking and collaborating with other education technologists! We look forward to the next Moodlemoot!