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Mountain Moot 2021 - Update

Last week we attended the 2021 Mountain Moot as a sponsor and presenters. The Mountain Moot, usually held in Helena, Montana took place online instead of in-person for the second year in a row.

Mountain Moot image with Mountain logo and text reading Helena Montana

Our Sessions

We had two presentations at this year’s Mountain Moot:

  • Moodle Board- a “sticky-note” like feature for inside Moodle (Gavin Henrick and Jay Churchward)
  • Finding, Fixing and Future-proofing your Moodle Courses (Karen Holland and Gavin Henrick)

Moodle Board: a “sticky-note” like feature for inside Moodle

Gavin Henrick, CEO and Jay, Developer at Brickfield Education Labs presented this session at the Mountain Moot.

Moodle Board is a student collaborative activity for inside Moodle. This activity mimics a whiteboard, or sticky note like feature for online learning and was funded by Dublin City University, Athlone IT and University College London.

In their session, Jay and Gavin shared some examples of Moodle Board.

Example of Moodle Board activity with 3 columns 'Music videos', 'educational videos' and 'sports videos'
Example of Moodle Board containing 3 columns fir Nature, Animals and Cars

Gavin and Jay ended the session by inviting the attendees to experience Moodle board themselves in an interactive board example.

Moodle Board is now available to download. Find it in the plugin database. 

Finding, Fixing and Future-proofing your Moodle Courses

Karen Holland and Gavin Henrick presented on Friday evening of the Mountain Moot. In their session, they covered how to find, fix and future-proof Moodle courses and content. Gavin shared his experience of speaking to universities and said that institutions all seem to face a common set of challenges. Gavin and Karen then went through how Brickfield can help as a solution to these challenges. They also ran through the features of the Brickfield Accessibility Toolkit, and how it can ensure that online education is accessible to all.

Graphic shows three step process of finding fixing and future-roofing content in Moodle using Brickfield education labs

Gavin and Karen finished their session with a short Q&A. Here, Karen and Gavin answer questions live about accessibility, Moodle and the Brickfield Accessibility Toolkit.

Sponsoring Mountain Moot 2021

We were delighted to be a sponsor for the 2021 Mountain Moot. This year, each sponsor showcase was hosted on Congregate live during the coffee and lunch breaks. It was lovely to meet each of you (virtually) and to see attendees growing interest in accessibility and inclusive online education.

If you were talking to us at the Mountain Moot and would like a follow-up, feel free to contact us for further information or arrange a live demo.

Keynote with Martin Dougiamas

We were delighted to be mentioned in Friday’s keynote session with Martin Dougiamas. Martin listed Moodle’s certified integrators and then spoke individually about us, Brickfield Education Labs and our accessibility checker for Moodle 3.11.


Some Tweets

Alt text: Tweet in response to brickfield tweet about moodle board from alicia owen reading “Need to look into this @testdomain @CB_EduTech”
Tweet in response to brickfield tweet about moodle board from @Frideswidel reading “Making the argument to @wayneRESA to include Board in Melvindale’s Moodle #mtmoot
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