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ILTA Online Winter Conference 2022

Last Thursday we presented at the ILTA Online Winter Conference 2022, an annual Winter conference hosted by the Irish Learning Technology Association.

ILTA’s 1,800 members are drawn from Irish higher education institutions, further education and training providers, industry vendors and agencies, professional bodies, government state agencies alongside other stakeholders interested in technology-enhanced learning.

ILTA organises an annual EdTech national conference with partner educational institutions across Ireland. This year, the event was held online on 13th of January 2022 using Zoom and facilitated by Whova. This one day event was jam packed with 3 tracks of parallel sessions beginning at 10AM and ending at 15:45 Irish Standard Time. Gavin Clinch, President ILTA kicked off the ceremony alongside the keynote speaker Dr Catherine O’Mahony, Director of Centre for Integration of Research, Teaching & Learning, UCC.

Digital Education: From sideshow to centre-stage, ILTA-2022-Winter-Conference, 13 - 14 January 2022

Our sessions

We presented two sessions at the conference: 

  • 7 Steps to Better Accessibility in your Course
  • Collaboration with Post-it notes in your Moodle course

7 Steps to Better Accessibility in your Course

Gavin's opening slide: Brickfield logo, Title reading 7 Steps to better accessibility in your course

In the afternoon, we presented ‘7 Steps to Better Accessibility in your Course’. This was a 15-minute presentation where we shared tips and tricks for teachers to improve the accessibility of their Moodle content.

So, what are Brickfield’s 7 steps to better accessibility in your course? Gavin outlined them as follows:

  • Accessibility is a journey
  • There are different layers involved
  • Start with awareness building
  • Training is not sheep dip
  • Find the errors
  • Fix and triage the issues
  • Futureproof your platform and process

We also did a short demo of the Brickfield Accessibility Toolkit. If you would like to book a free 1:1 demo with Gavin, you can arrange one through our booking form

Collaboration with Post-it notes in your Moodle course

What is Moodle Board? Moodle Board facilitates student collaborative activity inside Moodle. This activity mimics a whiteboard, or sticky note type feature for online learning and was funded by Brickfield, Dublin City University, Athlone IT (Now Technological University of the Shannon) and UCL.

In the session, Gavin shared some great examples of previous uses of the Course activity.

Example of Moodle Board containing 3 columns fir Nature, Animals and Cars
Example of Moodle Board activity with 3 columns 'Music videos', 'educational videos' and 'sports videos'

So, how do you get the Moodle Board plugin? 

Simply ask your Moodle administrator to install the Board activity from the Moodle plugins directory. Once installed, it will be available for teachers to use in their courses! 

That’s a wrap! 

Thank you to everyone who attended our sessions, interacted and asked questions. Congratulations to ILTA for hosting the 2022 Online Winter Conference, and thank you to the organisers for the opportunity to present at it. 

We have linked various resources below. 🙂 

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