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Moodle 4.1: Making courses accessible

The Moodle Accessibility Toolkit by Brickfield includes the automated analysis of Moodle courses against a set of common accessibility rules, checking the content inside all of Moodle’s core activities.

The Accessibility Toolkit then generates a report with a list of all detected accessibility errors, which can be broken down by the type of content or the type of activity. These reports provide insights to educators and organizations on the overall accessibility of their courses and the areas that could and should be improved.

Featured in this screenshot is a coloured illustration of a conveyor belt. This conveyor belt is broken up into three different stages. The first stage is called the find stage. At the find stage of the conveyor belt is a picture of a robotic hand picking up a laptop right before it gets processed in a machine with the world Brickfield Education Labs written on it. This laptop has a mini illustration of a moodle course as it’s screen. Next to the illustrations at stage one is a title. The title reads the word Checks. Underneath the title are three different words. This implies that the machine checks the Images,layout and links in a a moodle course. After the Checks title is a another title called reports. This means that the information that has been checked is then produced in a report for it’s user. Following stage one is stage two. Stage two is called fix and it depicts an illustration of a machine with the brickfield education labs logo on it. The illustration implies that once stage one is complete then the information is passed through to stage two where there fixes can be made. The use of a machine in the illustration represents the Accessibility toolkit that Brickfield have built. Once the content has passed through the machine in the illustration it is then ready for stage three. Stage three of the illustration features a title called future-proof and it comes at the end of the illustration. At this stage there is another robot hand dangling from above. It is shown to be dropping different words into a box with the word moodle on it. This represents once the course has been put through the accessibility toolkit it is then ready to be packed neatly in a moodle course. The words that are being dropped in the box are some of the different results that a user can expect from using the toolkit. There different words are as follows. One set of words represents the different file types that can created using the accessibility toolkit. They are the following: Html, Braille, DocX, Mp3 and Pdf. Other results that the robotic arm is dropping into the box is Better editor, video captions and performance support

This online seminar by Brickfield Education Labs will take you through the usage of the Starter Toolkit in Moodle 4.1 and showcase benefits of the Enterprise Accessibility Toolkit.

The speakers will include:

  • Gavin Henrick Chief Executive Officer
  • Karen Holland, Chief Product Officer
  • Mike Churchward, Chief Technical Officer

We have two webinars scheduled on January 24th, the first at 1pm UTC and the second at 1pm Eastern Time (Canada and US). The content of the webinars will be the same.

Please note the webinars will be recorded and shared with those who have registered.

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Moodle Accessibility Toolkit

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