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Brickfield Education Labs logo with title reading "Finding, Fixing and future-proofing your moodle courses" Karen Holland and Gavin Henrick Brickfield Education Labs

Finding, Fixing and Future-Proofing your Moodle Courses

Finding, Fixing and Future-Proofing your Moodle Courses Karen Holland and Gavin Henrick are co-founders of Brickfield Education Labs. In their session, they covered how to find, fix and future-proof Moodle courses and content using the Accessibility Toolkit. They also ran through the features of the Brickfield Accessibility Toolkit, and how… Read More »Finding, Fixing and Future-Proofing your Moodle Courses

Brickfield Education Labs logo with title reading "Welcome with Sander Bangma" Moodle HQ

Welcome with Sander Bangma

Welcome with Sander Bangma As the host of Brickfield Education Lab’s first accessibility conference, Gavin welcomed all attendees and speakers in this session and then introduced Sander Bangma. Sander kicked off the event by highlighting Moodle’s approach to accessibility and the Moodle journey to achieving accessibility accreditation. About the speaker… Read More »Welcome with Sander Bangma

Screengrab from Moodle Bog Post 'Tips to make your LMS Content Accessible

Accessibility for your LMS

Accessibility for your LMS (Global Moodlemoot Reflection) This post is based on the blog post ‘Tips to make your LMS content accessible’, published by Moodle on January 12th, 2021. “We believe that accessibility is crucial; only a learning management system that supports learners with diverse needs can provide true quality… Read More »Accessibility for your LMS

Graphic from Moodlemoot UK & Ireland which welcomed Brickfield Education Labs as a platinum sponsor

Sponsoring MootIEUK20!

Sponsoring MootIEUK20! This week we sponsored the 2020 UK & Ireland Moodlemoot, taking place online from Monday, September 28th to Wednesday, September 30th.  We were disappointed not to be welcoming everyone to sunny Dublin, but adapted to the new hybrid-online event. We were delighted to attend the first online UK… Read More »Sponsoring MootIEUK20!

Brickfield Education Labs Thumbnail Key Layers of Accessibility

Key Layers of Accessibility

This blog post is an extract from our GAAD webinar which focuses on layers of accessibility and online learning. Think of all users doing tasks or reading content on Moodle. There are a number of different layers in this cake (as shown above) that need to be considered. Initially, there… Read More »Key Layers of Accessibility

Brickfield Education Labs Thumbnail, Links Tips

Key Accessibility Tips: Links

This blog post is an extract from our GAAD webinar. Here is one of Gavin’s 7 tips for improving accessibility in your Moodle courses. Hyperlinks are a powerful accessibility feature of online learning. They enable tutors to provide alternative routes, alternative explanations and alternative media.  Links must be easily identified.… Read More »Key Accessibility Tips: Links