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Global Accessibility Awareness Day 2023, Making Moodle courses Accessible. Karen Holland, Laia Canet, Gavin Henrick, 18th May 2023, 1pm BST

We have scheduled three webinars tomorrow for Global Accessibility Awareness Day.

Two webinars are scheduled to introduce the Accessibility Toolkit for Moodle and our Accessibility Challenge Webinar – where participants get coached through their online course material, finding the types of issues raised in the workshop.

Making Moodle courses accessible with Brickfield Accessibility Toolkit

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Moodle 4.1: Making Courses Accessible. January 24th, 2023, 1pm UTC

Moodle 4.1: Making Courses Accessible. January 17th, 2023, 1pm UTC
This online seminar by Brickfield Education Labs will take you through the usage of the Starter Toolkit in Moodle 4.1 and showcase benefits of the Enterprise Accessibility Toolkit.

Moodle 4.1 Webinars

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Mike, Laia and Karen in front of the Brickfield Education Labs stand.

The last week of September was special for more than 800 moodlers as they gathered in Barcelona, Spain. After three years, it was finally possible to host the MoodleMoot Global in person with a much larger attendance than the previous one in Barcelona in 2019.

Brickfield Education Labs was there in force proudly supporting the MoodleMoot with Gavin, Karen, Mike and Laia attending and presenting at the event.

MoodleMoot Global 2022 – Recap​

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A poster for the 2022 HighEdWeb Accessibility Summit 2022. On the poster is the highEdWeb logo, a title that says “Accessibility Summit” and a tagline that reads “Learn about all things digital accessibility”.

A look back at the HighEdWeb Accessibility Summit This year, the HighEdWeb Accessibility Summit took place on the 28th of July, and speaking at it, Brickfield Education Labs’ very own CEO, Gavin Henrick. The conference, hosted by the Higher Education Web Professionals Association, focused on digital accessibility. Higher Education Institutions… Read More »A Look back at the HighEdWeb Accessibility Summit

A Look back at the HighEdWeb Accessibility Summit

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Karen Holland, Co-Founder of Brickfield Education labs explaining what the benefits are of the Moodle Accessibility Toolkit to a conference attendee.

Reflections on EdTech 2022 Brickfield Education Labs presented two sessions at the EdTech 2022 conference, hosted last week in University College Cork on the 26th and 27th of May. We shared our tips on making courses for the neurodivergent student and we demonstrated our Moodle Accessibility Toolkit to attendees showing… Read More »Reflection on Edtech 2022

Reflection on Edtech 2022

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Webinar '7b Accessibility tips to improve you r course content' with Brickfield Educations Labs and Lesterhuis logos

7 Accessibility Tips to improve your Moodle Course Content with Lesterhuis  Register for the Webinar On Tuesday, April 19th, we will be joining Gemma Lesterhuis from Lesterhuis Training & Consultancy for their webinar ‘7 Accessibility Tips to Improve your Moodle Course Content’. Gavin Henrick, CEO and Co-Founder of Brickfield Education… Read More »Upcoming webinar: 7 Accessibility Tips to improve your Moodle Course Content

Upcoming webinar: 7 Accessibility Tips to improve your Moodle Course Content

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Moodlemoot Benelux Graphic with text reading 15 March 2022 Tilburg (The Netherlands) and a photo of attendees sitting in a conference room watching a presenter

Presenting and Sponsoring Moodlemoot Benelux 2022 On Tuesday, March 15th Brickfield Education Labs attended #MootBNL22 (virtually) as a presenter and as a sponsor! In this recap, we talk about sponsoring this year’s moot, and summarise our presentation ‘7 Steps to improving accessibility in your Moodle courses’. About Moodlemoot Benelux MoodleMoot… Read More »Presenting and Sponsoring Moodlemoot Benelux 2022

Presenting and Sponsoring Moodlemoot Benelux 2022

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